My very 1st post

My blog is going to be unoriginal, probably unhelpful and quite sarcastic so if that doesn’t sound appealing to you please refrain from reading on. I decided to start this blog out of sheer boredom and anti social behaviour. Waiting until doomsday August 21st (for those of you who don’t know results day) has been agonising and when you’re as desperate as I am to be distracted from slightly grim thoughts of failure you will try literally anything to kill time hense the blog. Most of my close friends are going to be leaving to go on holiday soon so I’m also going to be using this blog to remind them of how crap my summer is going to be when compared to theirs. This blog is hopefully going to be filled with lots of different things that may interest different people, because I’m far too fickle to choose one subject to blog about. So hopefully enjoy.


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