How to have the perfect lazy day:

Now I’m in a particularly lazy mood today so I’m going to share with you my lovely readers how I make the most out of a typical pj day:


Step 1- Find a comfy spot on the sofa/bed & spread out in an anti social position that prevents anyone from being in or near your relaxing little bubble (you can tell I’m single).


Step 2- Watch a chick flick, (now even if you’re reading this as a guy you can’t deny there’s nothing like a good old girly movie to take the edge off the day)Ā I think I’m gonna go with ‘She’s the man’ , because it’s always nice to remember Amanda Bynes before she did a Britney and lost the plot.


Step 3- Gorge on the most unhealthy food you can get your hands on. Screw calorie counting and pig out. When in need of a pick me up drowning your sorrows in ice cream, is the way to go! So I’m stuffing my face full of Ben & Jerry’s phish food because there’s no greater joy than chocolate ice cream infused with marshmallows and you guessed it, even more chocolate.

Step 4- Repeat for the rest of the day, or until you feel as though you’ve reached an adequate level of slob.


Disclaimer- Your parents/partner/whoever will probably disapprove of your sorely unproductive day, but boy oh mighty is it worth it. Also do try not to make a habbit out of these days; however satisfying they are, because I don’t really want to be single handedly responsible for a rise in obesity.


8 thoughts on “How to have the perfect lazy day:

  1. Sitting in work dying of laughter. This is me in a nutshell when it comes to Sundays. AND I LOVE IT!
    Poor Amanda…I remember when she swan dived of the cliff straight into the sea of insanity. Watched most of her movies back to back, remembering the ‘good ol’ days’


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