Recently the lovely cat pictured above (Oliver) ran away from home. He was found by a lovely Italian lady and her husband crying at their window in south London (not the safest of places for a kitten), unfortunately she’s pregnant so she couldn’t afford to keep him.

But (silver lining) my family and I decided to adopt him, as a family of animal lovers, when we find one in need it’s hard for us to say no. The lady who gave him to us was under the impression that he was as actually a she, he now probably has gender identity issues that we’re responsible for so yup not proud of that. But without further a due welcome to the family Oliver (formerly known as Lola)…that was an awkward chat at the vets, apparently they expect you to know your cats gender before they tell you.


8 weeks old and in perfect health he’s a great addition to the family. I’ve always up until now been a doggy kind of person and right now I’m also the lucky owner of the world’s kindest and most gorgeous shih tzu Alfie. Slowly but surely they’re staring to hit it off, I have a funny (and optimistic) feeling that they’re going to become the best of friends.

There’s no greater feeling than giving an animal in need a home, so if you ever get the chance go for it; but remember any pet is a responsibility so make sure you have the time, patience and funds to take care of one before you jump into anything. If you are thinking about adopting a pet, (and you’re a UK resident) I’ll include a link below. Hopefully you can make an animal as happy as we’ve made Oliver.

http:// http://www.rspca.org.uk/home


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