Liebester Award #2


I’m so grateful to be up for this award again. This time round I was nominated by the lovely Cupcakes Adventures so go check out her blog and show her awesome post’s some love! 🙂

Award Rules:
1-Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their blog.

2-Answer the 11 questions you’ve been set.

3-Nominate 11 bloggers with a following count of less than 1000.

4-Set 11 new questions for your nominees.

Okay let’s get stuck in! Question time!

1-What was the last lie you told?
Hmm probably ‘no I’m not upset’ I know a bit generic but It’s the truth.   
2-What cheers you up?
Okay this is gonna make me sound slightly obese but food. Haha.

3-What is your favourite body part?
I should say something like my heart and be a bit more meaningful but I’m gonna be blunt. It’s my butt. Honestly it just looks good (if I do say so myself).

4-If you could be any fictional character, who would you choose?
I’d loveee to be Elena from the vampire diaries. Mainly because hot guys are always fighting over her. Living the dream.

5-When was the last time you were nervous?
Ooo, probably my first day of school, this year. It’s always nerve wracking being back in that judgmental prison.

6-Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
It would have to be my favourite Kurd Kaschan.

7-What is your most treasured memory?
That’s easy visiting Disneyland. Best place ever.

8-If money was no object what would you do all day?
Probably use it to buy Liam Hemsworth…not my proudest idea.

9-What’s your favourite quote?
‘Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go’ Oscar Wilde.

10-What’s your most embarrassing memory?
It’s gonna have to be accidentally elbowing someone in the face at the Breaking Dawn premiere. She took it surprisingly well. Sorry random lady!

11-Who has influenced you the most? I’ve heard that I’m a frightening cross between my mum and sister, so I’m gonna have to go with them. It would explain a lot.

The questions I’m setting are:
1- If you could swap places with anyone for the day who would it be?
2- Who inspires you?
3- Dream job?
4- Favourite movie of all time?
5- The city or the countryside?
6- Favourite quote?  
5- The one meal you’d be willing to eat every day?
6- What’s the best book you’ve read?
7- If you could visit 1 time zone,     where would you choose to go?
8- The hardest thing about blogging?
9- Do you believe in any superstitions?
10- A singer/band you think everyone should hear?
11- what was the last dream/nightmare you had? 

The 11 blogs I’m nominating are:
The anon
The Style Studies
Kara B Wilson
Alley Hope
Devona Fayana
Before I forget…
light the lie


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