Why are girls so mean?


If you haven’t taken the hint from movies such as ‘mean girls’, we younger females are (to put it lightly), bitches. I speak from both 1st and 2nd hand experience. But what is it that makes us like that? Remember I’m generalising here, so if you’re one of the rare, GENUINELY, nice ones, then this obviously does not apply to you. But if you’re a stone cold bitch like me, then I think you know where this is heading, read on.

There are various types of mean girls, and various reasons behind their attitudes, let’s peruse into the psyche of a few of them and observe a few of the popular reasons behind the bitchiness.


A bitch for laughs, and unsurprisingly the most common kind of mean girl. Many girls (occasionally myself included) tend to use exceptionally mean spirited humour in order to get a positive reaction from others. It’s hurtful and mean, but it’s a way to try and appeal to people (god, that sounds messed up) and alot of the time it’s not malicious, it’s satirical. For example comedians such as Chelsea Lately and Joan Rivers, have managed to make stellar careers out of their comedic monologues that tend to (harshly) be at the expense of others; but at the end of the day a laugh’s a laugh. You mustn’t take it too seriously, I’ve been on both sides of the equation and 99% of the time, it’s not intended to be as hurtful as it is, it’s a way in which us girls rather sadistically attempt to bond. Eh you gotta love a funny bitch.


The ‘insecure’ meany, again common, but far more deadly than other types of mean girls. You see this breed of mean girl, uses her victims as a way to better her own self esteem. She lacks empathy, and is usually a bit shall we say, self – obsessed? She’s fully able to acknowledge and console her own insecurities, but sadly unable to realise the declining self of steem that her mean attitude passes on to others. The best way to tolerate this type of girl is to remain unphased, don’t allow her to get to you, do that and she’ll most likely get bored of reflecting her loathful attitude onto you and do what she should’ve done earlier, deal with it herself.


The one who doesn’t know how to flirt. Yes the age old tale that girls are mean to the boys they like is sometimes true, gawd even Shakespeare knew that (please refer to ‘Much Ado About Nothing’), it’s rarer as we age, though there’s still a few later in life who continue to use the very confuzzling method to attract. The meanness they exude stems from an attraction, it’s a playful kind’ve mean, (do not confuse it with the venomous kind that’d be a costly mistake), it’s a way to test the waters without getting hurt, if a girl uses this method, she probably has her own issues, so play it cool and for your sake don’t mess her around.


Lastly, the brutally honest one. Yup we all saw this one coming, sometimes girls are mean because it’s necessary, sometimes douchey behaviour has to be shut down and it just so happens that some home truths, however painful they may be, are the way to do just that. So before you think those firey insults hurled straight at you are a mere cover up for underlying issues, think again and reevaluate your actions beforehand. It may actually be…your fault *shock, horror*.


A mean bunch we are, but as you can see we have our reasons, okay they may not be so reasonable, but they’re adequate. See you next week, until then, laters lovelies.


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