The Versatile Blogger Award


The lovely Rozanne over at Life Is Rozie very kindly nominated me for this, I really do recommend you check out her blog, it’s just seriously amazeballs.

★Show the award on your blog.
★Thank the blogger that nominated you.
★Share 7 facts about yourself. ★Nominate & include links to 15 other blogs.



1- I swear an awful amount, far more than I really should, prick/twat/bitch/bastard are all popular vocab choices of mine.


2- All of my A level English lit teachers are agonisingly incompetent. ALL OF THEM. They’ve made me regret picking the subject. True story.


Not that old though, my issues don't run that deep...unless he's super rich, then maybe.

3- The men I find attractive tend to be a minimum of 5yrs older than me. Worrying I know.


4- I have an obsession with peplum tops. They make up a fair precentage of my wardrobe.   


5- I used to quite proudly hack my sister’s MSN (ahh the good old days), Myspace and Facebook accounts on a regular basis, turns out it was the proudness that got me caught. She didn’t really see the funny side. I don’t think MI5 would really want my services, I’m a bit too boastful for them.


6- I am the most indecisive person that you will EVER have the displeasure of meeting. Butttt I’m a Libra, so it’s to be expected.


7- I was a bit of a wuss as a child, so much so that I couldn’t watch any of the ‘mother willow’ scenes in Pocahontas. Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read it right, I was terrified of a talking tree.


            Things Up To You
            Beauty By Mitchy Poo
            Gorgeous Days
So I know that this is nowhere near 15, but I recently just did a liebster-award post, so cut me some slack guys. Quality over quantity I guess.

Until next time, laters lovelies!


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