Now living in the UK relationship wise you’d think us British girls would have it good, well you’ve got it wrong. But I can understand the misconception, with Britain being the home to celebrities like Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill it’s easy to be deceived, the reality is harsh and excruciatingly depressing. This is essentially the teen girls version of the matrix, so if you want the truth about what they’re really like, do read on:


‘Chavs’, the British version of the ‘hick’. Well ladies they can’t all be dashing and well spoken, in fact the majority are quite the opposite. Chavs are accustomed to the less scenic areas of England, such as run down pubs and clubs, they’re also inclined to a bit of lingering, particularly in alleys or outside corner shops. Beware, this breed of boy tends to over wear sporting goods, in fact it is rare to see a chav out of a tracksuit, regardless of occasion. They also tend to travel by bike (no, not the kind with a motor) or by ‘pimped out’ second hand car, no one can say that they don’t know how to travel in style.


The ‘posh totty’ now you’re probably assuming that a posh boy sounds good, well think again. The posh totty is a grade A arse hole, arrogance and self entitlement are second nature. Trust fund babies with a keen eye for vulgar traditions that society has attempted to abandon such as hunting, they’re very far from Prince charming to say the least. So unless you’re willing to be objectified, tolerate animal cruelty and essentially act like a twat I don’t think they’re your type.


The ‘lad’, a boy’s boy with ladies man tendencies (God only knows how). Yup if you want a well read sensitive man, elsewhere is certainly where you should be looking. Lads tend to be self involved, and very keen on impressing their friends, so to be blunt your opinion is absolutely unimportant. They tend to prefer sporting events over companionship, there’s nothing you can do, don’t bother they’re unfixable.

There you have it, British guys are just as useless as the rest. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a few good ones, emphasis on the ‘few’, but if you wanna find your English prince, you’re gonna have to shovel through a whole lot of frogs first. That’s it for me this week, little side note-exam season is nearly here so as a result my weekly posts will now be fortnightly until June due to revision…ew…sad times, so until then laters lovelies!


6 thoughts on “British Boys -THE TRUTH REVEALED

  1. OH MY GOD THE TRUTH IN THIS! Needed to be said because 99% of boys in England are nothing like the famous teenagers… So chavy in their grey trackies on their tiny bikes and everyone is a ‘lad’ and they don’t give one about anyone other than themselves! So funny x

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