10 Extra facts about moi

Now I’m sure from my writing you’ve all noticed my amazing character depth *insert sarcastic wink*, so here’s another post to help you all grasp my many layers, and in a way get to know me. Because seriously who wouldn’t wanna know someone this awesome, it’s a gift.


1- I am not a fan of tattoos. Fair enough if you are, they look alright to an extent but the way I see it is your body is a temple, not an etch a sketch.

2- I could never be a boxer. I tried it at school once and let’s just say it didn’t go so swimmingly.

3- My sister has attempted to kill me three times. Once by pushing me down our very steep stairs, and twice using the method of drowning, but hey I’m not one for hints.

4- When I’m happy/nervous/stressed/excited I don’t verbalise anything, it kinda pours out in a squealy girly mess. A stereotype I am indeed.

5- I’m excellent at being a kiss arse when necessary, for example while in hospital I sweet talked myself a private room, complete with T.V and en suite, thank you nurse Elizabeth.


6- I recently had a nightmare that Kanye West abducted me, true story.

7- Despite having a big butt I have never done squats before. Kim Kardashian lies, you don’t need exercise, strategic fat storing all the way bitches.

8- 80% of what I say is a complaint, the other 20% is an anxious ramble.

9- At the age of 5 I wasn’t like most kids, nope, my career goal was to be a news reader. You see I decided that their job was to essentially read whilst looking at a camera, in my eyes it was easy pay, I had my head screwed on pretty tight back then.


10- I really really reallyyyy want to visit the Montana Magica Lodge in Chile, it’s a resort in a VOLCANO, so awesome, but my mum’s a prude and I’m a broke arse bitch.

10 more reasons you gotta love me. Until next time, laters lovelies.


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