5 Myths About Girls

There are so many rumours about the female population going around, i’d thought I’d use this post to put some of those to bed, so here are just 5 of the endless stream of myths about girls explained and disproven:


1- All girls hate each other- Nope not at all, in fact most of us are pretty supportive of each other. The ones filled with hatred towards other females are a rareity, they don’t portray the masses so don’t tarnish us all with the same brush and let them undermine the many friendships amongst us girls.


2- Girls and guys can’t be friends- Once again incorrect, I have plenty of male friends and I can safely say I am attracted to none of them. Soz not soz. Just because I have a friend with a different set of genitals doesn’t mean I’m automatically into to them, I mean get real guys my standards, and most of our standards, (I hope anyway) require more than that to be fulfilled. It’s not everyday Ron and Hermoine, sometimes it’s Harry and Hermoine, jusat saying.


3- Girls can’t do ‘masculine’ subjects- Bull to the shit. I’ve heard this argument a few times and I have never been more astounded by the level of ignorance used to support it. Luckily this ideology is dying out, but as exhibited by some, progress is yet to reach us all, so I shall expand. This belief is point blank wrong, in fact the best mathematicians, and scientific thinkers I know are girls. Maybe not as many girls pick those subjects, but their sex is completely irrelevant in that choice, nothing is predetermined, especially our skill set.


4- Provocatively dressed girls are ‘asking for it’- This is essentially a myth that exscuses sexual harassment, and for that there should never be an argument in favour. You see women dress for themselves, they way in which we dress is our individual choice, however revealing or conservative a persons clothing may be shouldn’t warrant a poor standard of treatment. Sexual harassment is a crime, nobody deserves to be a victim.


5- A girl on her period should be avoided- Okay this one is (sadly, awkwardly and depressingly) kind’ve true, at least regarding myself and my amigas. So when mother nature pays us a week long visit, it’s a bit stressful and can result in a fair bit of anger, usually combined with unexplained tears, (from my experiences anyway) I’d say it’s best to give a girl on her period some chocolate and slowly back away, pretty much the same way you would with a bear. Yes I did just compare a girl on her period to a bear, it happened.

There you have it, a little bit of my inside knowledge. Until next time, laters lovelies.


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