Just A Few Prom Tips


It’s now that stressful time of year when people are moving on from the struggle of exams to the more vapid  (though equally important, duh) struggle of getting ready for prom, and I’m so fricking jealous. I had mine last year and it was pretty good, but the exciting run up filled with endless makeup and hair trials and shopping sprees was the shit. So for all you lucky people anticipating prom, I’m gonna give you a recap of what my  experience taught me, because I could’ve done with a few tips beforehand, and mainly because I’m in a reminiscent mood.


Deciding on a look, and particularly a dress, is a pivotal point, prom is especially competitive for girls, but it doesn’t need to be stupidly expensive. Realistically you’re not going to wear most of the ‘ott’ dresses more than once, and they cost a whole lot of mullah, but despite popular belief you don’t need to break the bank to look good. I speak from first hand experience, I had the option of going big or going reasonable, and luckily my guilty cost efficient conscience pointed me the right way, and my dress in my opinion anyway, though less expensive than some was still great, and in reflection a lot of the cheaper high street dresses actually ended up looking better than some of the more out there boutique ones so it was a win win. But at the end of the day a dress is a personal choice so if you want to and can spend more do whatever makes you feel beautiful, it’s your prom to enjoy. Shoe wise if your dress is long you won’t really see much so don’t stress about an intricate stilleto just try and go for something like a wedge/block heel, that way you won’t walk around like you have a limp; plus if you’re a bambi type like me don’t push your luck, I nearly died multiple times on prom due to shoe related incidents (thank you Myriam for both saving my life and rescuing me from the walk of shame whilst stuck on the stairs).


Surprisingly most of my budget was spent on makeup, it’s important to pick a look after you’ve chosen your dress, because a clash is never classy. To do this I advise you give yourself a few weeks in advance to both youtube/google hair and makeup tutorials that suit you, also if you have a mum/sister/friend who can help you get ready I urge you to utilise them, thankfully my sister was there to help me go from beast to beauty, thank christ for that. Now here’s an important tip so take note it’s  something I wish I had the common sense to think of before my prom but luckily my friend did for me, boob tape! That sounds a bit wrong so let me expand, if you have a slightly cleavagey dress whilst having a bigger bust it’s a must to purchase some dress tape, that way you can relax without having to constantly hoist your dress up to avoid embarassment (another thank you this time to Sophie, for coming prepared and saving me from a nip slip Nicki Minaj/Madonna/most female divas moment).


Transportation is also key, luckily for me my friend’s grandad works in a minicab company so we were pretty much sorted, we also had my other friend’s dad to get us back so it was all fairly chilled. Some people there weren’t as prepared as us and had difficulty getting back, so don’t neglect the travel arrangements they’re just as important as the glitzy stuff. Also food, usually it’s my number one priority but sadly (and stupidly) I skipped eating on the day of prom to avoid looking bloated, considering my dress was skin tight it wouldn’t of been very forgiving. But it was a mistake because although I enjoyed prom, my mind (and many of the girls’ at prom) wondered off to raiding the fridge at home or grabbing a greasy takeaway afterwards, so it did slightly detract from the fun, learn from my mistake and EAT!


Last but not least when you get to prom have fun. That’s the one thing I took from the night because although we all have different friendship circles, we all had fun together. What’s the point of it all if you don’t? Hopefully that helped all you pre-prom planners, until next time, laters lovelies.



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