Another 10 facts about yours truly…

As I’m such an interesting person (sarcasm intended) I thought I’d follow my little routine of every so often, giving you 10 exclusive facts about me. Because seriously, who wouldn’t wanna know more about the amazing author of this blog? I know let the awesomeness sink in, here we go yet again…

1- I have never had my ears pierced, and it’s probably not gonna happen. I hate needles, it’s a deep haunting hatred, so why on earth would I subject myself to an ear stabbing just to hang shiny things from it? I think not.


2- I’m gradually accepting the fact that I will not win the lottery and live like a Kardashian. Sad times, #notblessed.

3- I lack a sense of direction. Were it not for google maps I would probably be living the life of a homeless person as I’d never find my way back home, and I’m just far too awkward to ask anyone for directions; but we all are, it’s the 21st century everyone avoids verbal communication at all costs, so really you can’t blame me, it’s society’s fault.


4- I swear like a sailor. I’m pretty sure it relates to my verbal diarrhea. Not my most appealing trait.

5- I find it extremely difficult to say no to sales people on the street. It’s not because I particularly want or care about what they’re selling me, I just feel super guilty that their job keeps them stuck out on the street and to a degree, begging, so walking off makes me feel an itsy bit bitchy, I’m all heart I know.

6- My wardrobe is far too eclectic for my own good, it’s a mish mash of preppy, retro, sophisticated and grungy clothing. I just can’t decide on a look that I prefer, the struggle is oh so real.


7- I attempted to read the unfathomably  over hyped ‘the fault in our stars’ and I hated it. So many problems. John Green’s awesome, that book? Not so much. It glamourises cancer and is such a cliche that it makes me want to punch myself, seriously he carries cigarettes around to be ironic? Someone has more money than sense, soz not soz Gus.

8- I’m nearly 18 yet I still loathe crossing busy roads. I literally sprint across, which looks sort of like an injured pigeon, I knew I should of actually done P.E, because being run over is no joke and slow people = dead people.

9- I hate my forehead. It’s an unsightly feature, thank God for fringes.


10- I have a fear of robots. Like the human looking ones in that new programme which is unsurprisingly called ‘Humans’ I mean has noone ever seen the terminator? IT DOESN’T END WELL! ROBOTS AREN’T NICE! Except R-2 D-2, he’s pretty chill.

And there you have it, the latest edition in my ’10 facts’ series. In case you missed any of my previous ’10 facts’ posts, and you actually care, feel free to browse through them on my blog. Until next time, laters lovelies.


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