Children of divorce


The children of divorced parents can be a funny bunch. I know this because I am one, so is my sister, and so are a few of my closest friends. We’re more common in current society, but some still stereotype us as needy, spoilt, kids with daddy issues. So I’m gonna set the record straight by acknowledging a few of the traits shared by, the children of divorced parents.

We’re realistic, not pessimistic, please get it right there’s a big difference. We acknowledge that things change because we’ve seen it first hand, so when people go throwing words like forever around, we like to remind them to keep it real. There’s absolutely nothing wrong, or sombre, about that. Things don’t last forever, not even love, avoid using words so trivially if you can’t actually comprehend their meaning, it’s not a downer it’s a fact.

We don’t hate our parents. In most cases the respect we have for our parents, for actually having the ability to call it quits, far outweighs any resentment harboured for the breakage of our family union. We’re not all out there rebelling, some of us, like me, are actually really big mummy’s girls who prefer to make their parents proud as opposed to pissed. That’s the truth, apologies if it’s boring.

We’re not spoilt. The whole 2 Christmases thing, isn’t actually a thing; maybe for the first couple of years, but parents are just people, and they too get lazy. The amount of spoiling we get may slightly exceed (not in all cases) that of kids in nuclear families (using my sociology terminology, oh yeah), but by all means the extra present here and there, doesn’t quite make up for all the time, and memories you miss out on. In actuality kids with both parents, are more spoilt in the long run, emotionally that is, plus 2 incomes? Just saying bro.

Now you’re somewhat educated on what a divorcees kid is like. Hope you enjoyed that, until next time, laters lovelies!


7 thoughts on “Children of divorce

  1. so true! my best friends parents are divorced and mine split up but got back together and whenever we see those insta/twitter quotes people post about how “when i have kids they’re never going to stay at one home on the weekends and another during the week” (crappy example, but i cant remember them tbh lol) we get pissed because it’s just not that deep; it doesn’t kill your kids or break them or anything

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