Guess who’s back?

Back again, tell a friend, guess who’s back, gues back, guess who’s baaaackkk. If you weren’t reading that in Eminem’s voice the joke was pretty much lost on you, if so I sorely apologise. But disregarding my joke which may or may not have fallen flat…I’m back! I’ve finished my A levels, how that’ll go we’ll just have to find that out in August, but hey ho! I’m a free woman! Meaning I can spend my very British summer (by British I’m referring to rain filled and dire) connecting with you lovely people who for some reason don’t mind listening to me waffle on, forrealsy I’ve been so neurotic lately I think people have innately tuned me out, so it’ll be nice to be listened to (more fittingly read) again. Where do we start? I’ve been off the grid this year procrastinating away, aside from the whole becoming an adult, ending my secondary school education chapter and awaiting the book of university (presuming I haven’t failed and won’t need to become homeless or a stripper, or a homeless stripper), you haven’t actually missed that much. My most noteworthy achievement is that I have sadly curbed my spending habbits lately, I’m pretty sure the man who delivers my clothes, let’s call him ‘Greg’, that’s probably not his name but it feels right, has forgotten me by now and moved on to other shoppers, but in the name of this blog (and my wardrobe, mainly my wardrobe) I will be revisiting online retailers and posting about it! If my mum asks I will most certainly blame you guys, peer pressure is still a thing so she’d believe it. I know what you’re thinking I’m 18 now, I can do what I want, well not when I’m financially dependent I can’t; so needs must and all. Soz about scapegoatting you. But there will be some fashion related posts in the very near future to compensate you, presuming you care whatsoever, it also gives me a good reason to take pictures of myself wearing pretty clothes, which I’m sure 90% of the time is why girls become bloggers. It’s why this girl did anyway *LOL* no, no, kidding, writing with or without clothes (not in that sense pervs, cleanse your mind) I still love doing it, and of course you guys.

I also have, which is what I hold resoonsible for any of this blog’s success, a shit load of awkward war stories to enlighten you all with, and yes I know you’re wondering, some do include me crying Kim K style. On top of those I’ll being adding in some reviews of anything and everything, including niche bars that I’m forcing my friends to try out, because I’m not mainstream like that, oh and because did I mention? I’M 18 NOW BIATCHES! Hence my blog, much like me, has grown up, only a minor bit though, I’m still as naieve as a foetus. Lovely imagery, you’re welcome, that’s what an A level in English Lit gets you, AQA yay you. 

Unlike Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, I wanted to take our relationship slowly by reintroducing myself with this post. I know my absence hurt you all, it better of otherwise I’m gonna assume you’re a sociopath and nobody wants that, but I’m back from now onwards, so prepare for…wait for it… a minimum of 1 weekly post. You’re welcome, much like Jesus I’m all about the sacrafices. This time when I say ‘laters’, I’m refering to sometime soon so do keep up with me, on that note, laters lovelies!


5 thoughts on “Guess who’s back?

  1. OMGGG YOU’RE BACK HEYY! I bet your A-Levels went fab 🙂 Good luck! Also, I know how you feel on growing up but feeling like you haven’t WOOO


    • HEY!!! 😀 aw thank you lovely! Here’s hoping that whole uni thing works out haha! Yeah it’s a real thing, i’m 18 but i have the attitude of a 12 year old for a huge chunk of the time, i’m both proud and depressed about it haha 🙈😂

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