One down, two more to go: Adulting

So I guess I’m an adult now? I have debt, overwhelming stress, and a soul destroying commute but ya know what? It’s not that bad. I haven’t posted in a very long time, I’ve always been a bit sporadic on here and for that I’m kind of sorry. But you need to get where I’m coming from, change has been upon me! From A levels to this whole undergrad situation, I’ve grown up a lot over the past year. I mean I’d still rather watch a Disney movie than have a night out on the lash, but I doubt I’ll ever outgrow that, pffttt bish please I can’t lie I don’t even want to.
Swiftly moving back onto topic, I’m coming to the close of my first year of University, mad is an understatement. Feeling bored and somewhat reflective, I’ll fill you in on what I’ve taken away from it. I still genuinely feel like a foetus walking round campus. I may of grown, but I still definitely don’t class as a grown up (please refer to my Disney preference). Nevertheless this year has breezed by, I really could not of anticipated how settled I would actually get, dare I say I like my surroundings? 

Ma homies hombre

From the age of 12 to 18 I’d basically had it sorted, same friends, same speed, give or take some internships here and there. Familiarity breeds comfort, comfort breeds laziness andddd laziness bred me. I think I genuinely over estimated how hard it would be to find friends, cos I know forrsure it has nada to with my likability, but I guess I wasn’t the only one who scared out of my mind. Legit everyone will want to chum up, cos we’re all more or less just getting shit together. So ya know don’t fret about that, you’ll find your people just hang on in there and try to start forced unrewarding conversation and eventually, you’ll get something back that you might not hate. I say this because a general aura of nicety is what helped me to find some of my now favourite people – I KNOW I’M NOT COMPLAINING FOR ONCE WTF. 

Plus, I think yet again I was wrong. I presumed all English students would either be snobs or peculiar, and while there are a fair few I’d happily dodge Obama vs Trump style, the majority are pretty normal. Then again my definition of normal falls into the nice slacker category, so that just might be a me thing. While I’ve drowned in essays I’ve left to the last minute, and cried about reading that I haven’t nor will ever do, I’m surprisingly satisfied with how this year has gone. I’m more capable than I thought, oh so cray. Shoutout to me for not being a total invalid. 

Oliver, commandeering one of my happy boxes of unnecessary shit

I don’t live in halls and at times that kind of made me sad, but then I remember, I have my own toilet and a giant bed with no risk of multiple breeds of bugs. Google silverfish then think again about uni accommodation, you are so very welcome. Not to mention all dem moneysssss, when you’re not paying over the nose for a shit box room you can ‘treat yo self’ son. I may have overdone it, pretty sure most of my loan’s gone towards ASOS deliveries and Disneyland and yet I have no regrets. 

It felt melancholic even though we were simply googling bubble tea places, awks

In closing university is scary. But, and there’s a big ol’ Nicki Minaj butttt, it will never ever be as scary as you anticipate. You will still keep the friends you want to keep, you’ll just get more who you don’t have to force to like the same shit as you (*cough* Sherlock). I love the old, but I also quite like the new. I make no promises with my posting habits, ya get what ya get I aint gon sweat. I hope that was moderately intriguing, until next time (God knows when), laters lovelies.


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