The One Where I’m Not Really Confident:

Every adolescent regardless of gender and background, in some form or another is insecure. But recently it’s come to my attention that my insecurities are holding me back. I try to promote the idea of self love and belief, and it’s only just occurred to me that I don’t quite practice what I preach. Beauty […]

My beautiful mask

Over the past few day’s I’ve been cutting down on the makeup, as annoyingly I’ve had the world’s most persistent stye. Since I’ve been lacking eye makeup I’ve realised my confidence has fallen massively. I hate it. Whilst going cold turkey I haven’t been as excited about going out, and I’m a million times more […]

Sisterhood of the world blogger’s award

So recently I was nominated for this award by the very lovely Elfypie a big thankyou to her! 🙂 Go and check her blog out because it’s filled with so much awesomeness, which is why I follow it! Rules of this award 1- Thank the blogger that nominated you and link back to their site. […]