Another 10 facts about yours truly…

As I’m such an interesting person (sarcasm intended) I thought I’d follow my little routine of every so often, giving you 10 exclusive facts about me. Because seriously, who wouldn’t wanna know more about the amazing author of this blog? I know let the awesomeness sink in, here we go yet again… 1- I have […]

10 Extra facts about moi

Now I’m sure from my writing you’ve all noticed my amazing character depth *insert sarcastic wink*, so here’s another post to help you all grasp my many layers, and in a way get to know me. Because seriously who wouldn’t wanna know someone this awesome, it’s a gift. 1- I am not a fan of […]


Now living in the UK relationship wise you’d think us British girls would have it good, well you’ve got it wrong. But I can understand the misconception, with Britain being the home to celebrities like Robert Pattinson and Henry Cavill it’s easy to be deceived, the reality is harsh and excruciatingly depressing. This is essentially […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

The lovely Rozanne over at Life Is Rozie very kindly nominated me for this, I really do recommend you check out her blog, it’s just seriously amazeballs. Rules: ★Show the award on your blog. ★Thank the blogger that nominated you. ★Share 7 facts about yourself. ★Nominate & include links to 15 other blogs. FACTS 1- I swear […]

The liebster-award #3

So I have again been lucky enough to recieve the ‘Liebester award’ this time it’s courtsey of the lovely Nicole over at walkinthesunlight I strongly suggest that you go and check her super awesome blog out, I did and now I’m obsessed. Rules: ♥Shout out the blogger who nominated you. ♥Answer the questions set for […]

Why are girls so mean?

If you haven’t taken the hint from movies such as ‘mean girls’, we younger females are (to put it lightly), bitches. I speak from both 1st and 2nd hand experience. But what is it that makes us like that? Remember I’m generalising here, so if you’re one of the rare, GENUINELY, nice ones, then this […]